50 JUMBO PIECES | 91.4 CM X 60.9 CM | AGE: 5+


Overnight camping in meadows on a breezy night is always an exciting experience. So, let’s get amused with spectacular telescopic view of beautifully twinkling sky along with the warmth of bonfire. Let’s observe shooting stars, gaze various constellation patterns, find some new ones, catch fireflies & listen to music with some cheesy snacks.

  • 60 jumbo pieces puzzle with 3*2 feet size.
  • Experience a night under stars.
  • Search & learn new words.
  • Introduction to Jumbo pieces for young kids

Starry Sleepover Jumbo Puzzle - 50 PIECES | 91.4 CM X 60.9 CM | AGE:5+


About Puzzle The 60-piece Starry Sleepover puzzle is perfect for children for age 5+ and above; which features theme of Camping. Puzzle making helps children to develop problem solving and hand eye coordination. Our jumbo puzzle features large & sturdy pieces that helps the child in easy gripping to build the puzzle. Moreover, Jumbo puzzle pieces are also less likely to get missed due to its size. It’s a fun way to create whole puzzle whose pieces sticks to each other firmly. The completed giant floor puzzle measures 3 ft x 2 ft.

Creative Concept Graphics of the puzzle are designed in a way, where kids will be tempted to solve the puzzle due to its theme. Camping is an outdoor activity involving overnight stay a