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72 PIECES | 35CM X 48CM | AGE: 5+


Explore the gigantic world of rainforest covered with lush foliage & fascinating animals. Join this 72-piece jigsaw floor puzzle and turn out the lights to see the puzzle glow in the dark & look out for hidden elements.

  • First ever introduction of glow in the dark puzzle to Indian Market.
  • Fascinating concept which kids love to explore.
  • A super-exciting feature of exploring hidden element only when puzzle glows at night.

Rainforest Heart Of Earth - Glow In The Dark Jigsaw Puzzle - AGE:5+

  • THEME OF WILD RAINFOREST - Explore the mysterious rainforest 72-piece Rainforest Heart of Earth jigsaw puzzle designed for children ages 5 and up.The medium and sturdy pieces make it easy for little hands to grip & build the puzzle, providing a satisfying tactile experience for kids.The pieces of the puzzle stick together firmly when completed. Kids would be able to join the puzzle while looking at the image printed at backside of the box for easy assembly. The completed floor puzzle measures 13.8” x 18.9”


    GLOW IN THE DARK JIGSAW PUZZLE - Our Glow in The Dark Rainforest Jigsaw Puzzle for Kids is the perfect way to introduce your kids to the unique and vibrant life of the rainforest! Joining the puzzle together is only half the fun. Expose the puzzle in bright or natural light and watch puzzle glow in dark, which adds extra level of excitement to puzzle. Kids will be amazed to see the hidden elements that won't be visible in natural light but will only be visible when the puzzle glows in dark.


    FUN & EDUCATIONAL JIGSAW PUZZLE - Kids will not only have fun piecing together the puzzle, but they'll also develop problem solving and hand-eye coordination skills. Glow element help kids to develop their Observational skills as well.  Through rainforest jigsaw floor puzzle, introduce your kids to the lives of animals and plants of the rainforest & boost their knowledge about its unique features.


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