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2 To 4 PLAYERS | AGE: 5+


  • Concept of Addition, Forward & Backward Counting
  • Based on Famous Story of Jack & Beanstalks
  • 15-20 Mins Play time

Magical Beanstalks - A Math Board Game - 2 To 4 PLAYERS | AGE: 5+

  • SPINNER DICE BOARD GAME - Magical Beanstalks Number Counting Spinner Dice educational board game is perfect for preschoolers aged 5+. This 2- 4 players game  is sure to keep the whole family entertained. The game box includes 5 jigged board pieces, 4 character cards, 4 stands, 12 treasure cards, 1 wooden dice, and 1 rule sheet.


    1. Players take turn by rolling a dice and move character card accordingly as per number mentioned on the beanstalk.
    2. Once a player lands on spinner board, they must spin the spinner to collect all the treasure cards in order to win the game.
    3. However, be aware of Giant ! He might make you lose the game.


    ADDITION & SUBTRACTION NUMBER MATH GAME - Kids will be familiar with the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and will be excited to play the game.This game will help kids to learn numbers up to 30 with addition, subtraction and forward, backward counting all while having a blast! 


    FUN & EDUCATIONAL - Magical Beanstalks educational game prepares young preschoolers for early math in a fun and engaging way with famous fairy tale concept. Our game helps children to develop love for maths. It also helps in building social emotional skills like taking turns, being patience, following rules of the game, cooperating, winning and losing respectfully & make this game an entertaining experience. 




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