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  • Giant Jigsaw Floor Puzzle Encourages Independent Play
  • First Ever Big Size Jigsaw Floor Puzzle Of Hindi Language In Indian Market
  • Learn Hindi Alphabet By Joining The Pieces, Identify Its Pictures, Understand Words & Create A Beautifully Illustrated Puzzle

Hindi Alphabet Jumbo Jigsaw Puzzle - AGE:6+

  • HINDI VARNMALA JUMBO JIGSAW PUZZLE - Do you want to help your child learn Hindi in a fun and engaging way? Look no further than the Jumbo Hindi Varnamala Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids! This 56-piece jumbo jigsaw floor puzzle is perfect for 6+ year old boys and girls to learn Hindi alphabets & words from its picture. Words beginning from each alphabet and images of day-to-day objects make it easier for kids to learn Hindi.  


    JUMBO PIECE FLOOR PUZZLE - This 56 piece Hindi alphabet  jigsaw floor puzzle is designed for ages 6+ year old boys and girls to learn the Hindi alphabet in a fun and interactive way. Each jumbo piece of the puzzle features colorful hand drawn illustrations & larger images make it easier for kids to assemble the puzzle pieces. Jumbo pieces are easy to hold & build the puzzle and are also less likely to get missed due to its size. Hindi alphabet is the first ever big size 3ft x 2ft floor puzzle in the Indian market for kids to explore. Kids would be able to join the puzzle while looking at the image printed outside of the box for easy assembly. When completed, the giant floor puzzle measures 3ft x 2ft, for an enjoyable and rewarding experience. 


    FUN & EDUCATIONAL JIGSAW PUZZLE - Kids will not only have fun assembling the puzzle together, but they'll also develop problem solving , hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. They are also learning language in fun and creative way for easy recognition of varnmala. Hindi alphabet is the first ever big size 3ft x 2ft floor puzzle in the Indian market for kids to explore.


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