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Get inspired by courageous knights of the battlefield & open your private spy eye to discover 20 various objects through a super cool magnifying glass exlpore number counting through search and find activity puzzle. 

  • Concept of Search & Find.
  • A super exciting feature of discovering 20 different objects using magnifying glass.
  • Learn counting till 20 through pictures.
  • Add new words to kids vocabulary.

Heroic Knights The Castle Saviour Search & Find Puzzle - 36 PIECES | AGE: 3+

  • TODDLER JIGSAW PUZZLE - This 36 piece search and find jigsaw puzzle is perfect for kids age 3 and up, featuring fun and exciting theme of heroic knights rescuing the castle. The medium and sturdy pieces make it easy for little hands to grip & build the puzzle, providing a satisfying tactile experience for toddlers. while the magnifying glass adds an extra element of fun to it. Moreover, Kids would be able to join the puzzle while looking at the image printed on the backside of the box. When completed, the rectangular floor puzzle measures 61 x 24 cm in size.


    NUMBER COUNTING PUZZLE - Once assembled, children can count & learn numbers 1-20 to spot 20 different objects. Visual pictures with numbers listed on the border of the puzzle encourages number counting and picture search activity without any reading requirement.


    SEARCH AND FIND HIDDEN OBJECTS - Keep your kids entertained with this fun and exciting i spy puzzle. Encourage your child to find any random objects placed around the border and use the included magnifying glass to search hidden objects from the puzzle. With magnifying glass kids can observe objects more closely and in a greater detail. Puzzle includes 20 different objects to discover, which makes learning a fun & engaging activity.


    EDUCATIONAL AND FUN - This Puzzle is not only fun to complete, but also promotes learning. Learn counting up to 20 & identifying objects with pictures help kids learn new words and expand their vocabulary. This interactive puzzle not only promotes problem-solving skills but also encourages language development as children learn new words by identifying objects in the pictures. The beautifully illustrated scene features brave knights, dragons, horses, treasures, canons and other exciting characters & elements making it perfect for imaginative play.

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