72 PIECES | 35CM X 48CM | AGE : 5+


Mermaids in their dreamy castle are just an underwater fantasy. Turn this fantasy into reality by solving this 72 pieces beautifully colored jigsaw puzzle. Discover who else along with mermaids lives in their underwater world.

  • Introduction of smaller pieces to enhance concentration.
  • Shift from beginner level to advance level of puzzle solving.
  • Fantasy concept of mermaid which kids love to explore.

Dreamy Mermaids Puzzle - 72 PIECES | SIZE: 35CM X 48CM | AGE:5+


About Puzzle The 72-piece Dreamy Mermaid puzzle is perfect for children for age 5+ and above; which features theme of Mermaids. Puzzle making helps children to develop problem solving and Hand eye coordination. It’s a fun way to create whole puzzle whose pieces sticks to each other firmly. The completed floor puzzle measures 13.8” x 11.8”.

Creative Concept Graphics of the puzzle are designed in a way, where kids will be tempted to solve the puzzle due to its theme. A mermaid is a mythical creature described as having half body of human & body of a fish and they stay in water that is why they are known as “women of sea.” According to us, these features of mermaids are very fascinating for kids. Kids are always curious to know about lives of mermaid and their underwater activities. Hence, our puzzle ignites their imagination and helps them to explore the life under water. Art work includes attractive colorful mermaids, fishes, corals, reefs, shipwrecks & many other elements to explore.

Quality & Safety Playqid products are all about high quality sturdy material with creative design. Our products are made with recycled paper with non-toxic, environment friendly sturdy cardboard. Our products adhere to all the national as well as international standards namely BIS, EN71, ATSM & CE which make it safe for children to play with. Thus, we believe that quality &