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72 PIECES | 35CM X 48CM | AGE : 5+


Mermaids in their dreamy castle are just an underwater fantasy. Turn this fantasy into reality by solving this 72 pieces beautifully colored jigsaw floor puzzle. Discover who else along with mermaids lives in their underwater world.

  • Introduction of smaller pieces to enhance concentration.
  • Shift from beginner level to advance level of puzzle solving.
  • Fantasy concept of mermaid which kids love to explore.

Dreamy Mermaids Jigsaw Puzzle - AGE:5+

  • 72 PIECE JIGSAW PUZZLE - Unbox the 72 piece Dreamy mermaids jigsaw puzzle designed for kids age 5 and up. The medium and sturdy pieces make it easy for little hands to grip & build the puzzle, providing a satisfying tactile experience for kids.The pieces of the puzzle stick together firmly when completed. Kids would be able to join the puzzle while looking at the image printed on backside of the box for easy assembly. The completed floor puzzle measures 13.8” x 11.8”.


    MERMAID THEME FLOOR PUZZLE - The Dreamy Mermaids 72 Piece Jigsaw Floor puzzle is perfect for kids ages 5 and up, and features a beautiful theme of mermaids to spark their imagination. With attractive, colorful mermaids, fishes, corals, reefs, shipwrecks and other elements to explore, this puzzle is sure to engage and entertain your little one. Let them explore the life under the sea with the Dreamy Mermaids Jigsaw Floor Puzzle!


    FUN & EDUCATIONAL JIGSAW PUZZLE - Puzzle making helps children develop problem solving and hand-eye coordination, while providing hours of fun. This puzzle is a great way to help your child learn & imagine while having fun. Your child will explore the wonders of underwater world of mermaid while putting the pieces together.

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