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Create Your Own : Lemon Accessories

  • Introducing the "Create Your Own Lemon Accessories" DIY Box, where creativity knows no bounds!

            This incredible kit provides you with all the materials needed to craft two distinct and delightful accessories: a charming beaded bracelet adorned with delightful lemon charms, and an adorable keychain set, perfect for making, wearing, and carrying your lemon-themed creations. 

             The first activity focuses on crafting the Lemon Wooden Beads Bracelet, using elastic thread, wooden beads, and charming lemon charms. The included easy-to-follow instruction manual will lead them through the process, ensuring a joyful crafting experience. Kids, in particular, will find immense joy in creating and flaunting their unique and stylish masterpieces.

              In the second activity, you'll delve into the creation of an adorable Lemon themed keychain. With an assortment of elastic thread, wooden beads, lemon charms, a sturdy metal lock, and a soft tassel. The kit's user-friendly design includes detailed  pictorial instruction manual will make the crafting journey process enjoyable and stress-free.

              Let your creativity shine and immerse yourself in the world of lemon-inspired artistry with this amazing set!

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